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Zen in Writing: Old Man Dance

There’s a man outside every morning in the courtyard by himself
He’s super animated
Looks about 60 or so
Old guy w spunk
Tiny shorts
Converse shoes
High socks
Balding middle of his forehead
Jumping around this courtyard like a rabbit
He’s out here looking like Rocky’s proud step-dad
He’s throwing his fists around
Punching pockets of air
Floating like a butterfly
Homie’s footwork is top notch
His shirt is embezzled with a nod to Ali
Even the skeptical pigeons nearby are cautiously taking note, 
But it’s his morning routine
Every day around 7 o clock
This old man comes to fight his imaginary battles
While the rest of us nosey cats see only an eloquent scuffle within himself,
the old man is immersed in an entirely other world to which his battles are purposefully his own
In this world, he’s seen
In this world, he’s an eternally young man keeping fit
Self assured though, and old for sure
He fights only within himself
Every day
At 7 o clock

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