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Exploring Paint Therapy

Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, a blank canvas is the perfect stage to give expression to your unfiltered thoughts and emotions. Many find painting to be therapeutic and relaxing. Here are some tips to help stimulate your creativity using paint therapy—and ideas for setting up your own mini art studio in the corner of your room.

Find Supplies Under $10—What you'll need for this project:

Sturdy Small Table

I'm using a small TV dinner tray as the center piece of my mini art studio. You can use a desk, table, or any flat surface with enough space for an 8x10" canvas and your paint supplies.

Water Color Paint Set

I found a 12-color water color paint set for less than $2.00 at a dollar store here in Harlem. You can also journey to the nearest arts and craft store such as Michaels or Blicks.

Paint Brush Set

Make sure you have a variety of brushes to create different patterns and strokes. I found a 15-pack paint brush set for just $1.49 at a dollar store here in Harlem.

Blank Canvas or White Card Stock Paper

White card stock paper works well for starting out. I recommend you invest in a set of 8x10" blank canvases, no longer than a regular size of paper.


Keep it simple.

This isn’t so much about learning how to paint. And you needn’t be a professional at this. This is about experiencing therapeutic joy, working with colors, and stimulating your creativity. Bend the rules and make the canvas an abstract expression of your present feelings.

What will you paint?

Find inspiration from your surroundings — in nature, and in your home or office, too. Try to find a few photographs of your own that you can attempt to replicate on canvas.

Find Visual Prompts & Attempt to Replicate the Imagery

I captured these original photos on a Samsung Galaxy Android device and applied filtering using FotoPro.

A great way to practice mindfulness. Enjoy.

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