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Coworking In NYC Checklist

How to Choose the Best Coworking Space in NYC for Your Startup Company

Mario Starks — Technology Creative | NYC
Technical Product Manager

Coworking in New York City affords access to some of the most beautiful and convenient spaces for creating new ideas and for collaborating with other like-minded, creative professionals. Coworking spaces allow business owners to share overhead costs running an office. Members of coworking spaces usually have amenities such as convenient access to facilities, mail delivery,  conference rooms for meetings, and of course an ample supply of coffee and light-speed WiFi — we gotta stay productive, yo!

Every coworking space in this town has its own distinct personality. Before embarking on a long-term investment by way of contract or membership, take time to choose an environment that is both welcoming, functional, and that complements your company’s own culture. 

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