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My name is Mario Starks. I’m a technology developer and brand advisor with a passion for entrepreneurship, wholistic wellness, travel, philosophy and nature. Life finds me settled in New York City. I have 6+ years of front-end development experience scripting web applications using Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

About a year ago, I created Soul Sense Box, an ecommerce product. The concept came to me in a dream. Before I knew it, three months later, I was holding the actual box in my hands. It was an awesome moment putting to practice the power of manifesting thought into something tangible. After developing a custom Shopify storefront, I marketed and shipped over 100 units of self-care packages filled with assorted goodness for the soul and now support other business owners with wellness product integration and technical advice.

Creative Consulting & Web Development
I consult full-time as a design technologist working with other passionate creatives across the city on interesting projects. I’m available to discuss support for your web project or proposal.

Technical Career Coaching

For my peers and for recent bootcamp graduates seeking technical work, see this Skill Development guide.

Mario Starks

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Recent Work

Creating online resources around wellness & personal development

Co-Founder & Lead Product Developer — tools and resources to be great(er) at home, school and work