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by mario starks

Care & Create.

Welcome! I am a freelance consultant and a creator of digital apps and media content for great organizations, and the owner of an e-commerce shop. I enjoy co-facilitating Wine & Word events for working professionals and speaking with different groups on the topics of Unlocking Your Creative Super Powers, Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs, and Career Strategies for Technology Professionals. — Contact Mario

creator of soul sense box, #mindsetmatters and selfcarecheckin.com (co-founder).

Soul Sense Box is a gift box (non-subscription) created to foster positive vibes & self-care. After creating a few prototypes, nearly 200 units were shipped from my studio in Harlem. My journey creating this product and running a business has been therapeutic to my own self-discovery and emotional healing, and of course super educational on the business marketing front. Taking the experience a bit further, I’m working on a blog series—for those interested in following along–to share many of the business lessons learned and personal insights picked up along the way.

new products to close-out 2018 ft. healing art & prints

these make for great gifts among friends. now shipping!


self-care check-in by getsomejoy

how would you rate your self-care today?

In 2018, I joined forces with alexander hardy and enesha stringer to re-launch getsomejoy, inc. we produced our first campaign promoting wellness titled self-care check-in featuring video interviews, blog content, and hosted live chats. check it out:

video directed & produced by yomario.

we interviewed toni blackman, u.s. hip-hop ambassador & artist at basquiat's bottle in bed-stuy brooklyn. check out a preview.

selfcarecheckin.com is proudly co-produced by yomario.

Join the self-care check-in movement with yomario & team getsomejoy #selfcarecheckin
Join the self-care check-in movement with yomario & team getsomejoy #selfcarecheckin

Hey! My name is Mario Starks. I am a technology consultant and content creator. I enjoy collaborating with enterprising influencers and creative brands producing beautiful, purposeful, and authentic content. Check out my work.